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Access to All the Insurance Providers at Once

We’ll send you customized market research that will show you rates and summarizing plans benefit for plans relevant to you from all the insurance providers in Canada.

No Added Costs

There’s no added cost to purchasing your policy through us. Whether you choose to purchase through the insurance company directly or through us, it’s the same price.

Added Policy Support

By purchasing your policy through us, you will have the added support of your broker when making changes or claims on your policy. You will have a strong teammate in your corner.

Research the Market

We have affiliations with many insurance providers. We can send you a customized market research detailing prices and summarizing plans so you can compare all carrier product to choose whats’s right for you.

Taking a Trip?

Make sure your well covered while traveling abroad. The last thing you ever want while overseas are complications, particularly with foreign medical systems.

Why Get Coverage Through Us?

Shopping for health benefits can be daunting. All the insurance companies summarize their benefit plans in a different way. One insurance companies basic dental coverage is not the same as the next. What’s considered a preventative dental procedure? That’s just the start and all you want to do is measure apples to apples and see pricing for all the plans. 

To make matters worse, when you call the insurance companies, their representative will just make one recommendation and if it’s not the right one, you may have to call back. Most insurance companies have a wide variety of plans and it would be much simpler if someone were to just to send you an email with all the plans summarized in a standardized way with their pricing. That way, you can properly measure apples to apples and make your own decision. 

We do that at no added cost with no obligation to purchase. Plus, you have an experienced independent broker on your side when it comes time to claim.    

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